All luxury services or products have a common thing: an extremely high quality.

Details Addicted

What is the different between a Panda and a Ferrari? And between a simple restaurant and a 3 stars Michelin one? Details is the answer .


In the luxury environment, companies and customers are looking for the same thing: the value of what they are going to buy. Whether it's a service or a product, every luxury client is only looking for the value of what you are about to give to them, and it's simpler than you thought.

Luxury Experience

Best luxury experiences at your disposal for private, Business, team building, conference.

Luxury Structures

I offer my experience to all the shops, boutique luxury hotels or any luxury ambient that need to improve his customer service.

Luxury Condos

Luxury services customized for luxury condos, increasing the value for the building and people .

Smart Business

A new service created with One Luxury Day that help your business to safe and enjoy your time resources and make make your best clients.


Love in the art of service, apply in the luxury sector, creating emotions in any client.


For schools, Universities and Masters in Concierge & Customer service, 20 years of experience at your disposal.

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Begin your journey in luxury with Giuseppe di Sandolo.
This is where you can find the best of training in Italy on your journey towards Italian style hospitality of excellence. Discover the book, the video course or book a consultation with me.